This weeks meeting was great as we had several new faces at our community development session. This week the Grow Annapolis Team met at the City Dock Cafe near the Market House and discussed new partnership possibilities with Annapolis Recreation & Parks, the Master Gardeners, Annapolis Dept of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs, and the Local Food Beat. We also had several new members meet up with the group for the first time, so things were pretty exciting.

Presently, the Grow Annapolis team and our partners are in the process of securing locations where either individuals or groups will be able to adopt plots in local community garden projects. In order to do this, we are working diligently on gathering a consensuses of areas within and around the city where we have a concentration of interest.

The Grow Annapolis Team is an eclectic group with a shared vision for the accessibility to the community gardneing experience in Annapolis and its surrounding communities. We would like to everyone have the opportunity to grow healthy foods and participate in the cultivating experience. In doing so we hope not only to encourage opportunities to learn about gardening but to connect and cultivate a healthier community in the city of Annapolis. For Grow Annapolis accessibility means access to healthy food, the gardening experience, and the knowledge needed to be successful in gardening endeavors. We hope you will join us.

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