The next Grow Annapolis meeting will be held on March 30th at 7 pm. We will be meeting at the City Dock Cafe, across from the Market House. The meeting will be for anyone interested in joining our planning efforts.

Please sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in learning more. We will have plots available soon, and there is ample opportunity to get involved in the project.

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

2 Responses to Next Grow Annapolis Meeting on March 30th

  1. Patrick Byrd says:


    I have a blog, which details my experience growing food for my family, including chickens and rabbits. We’re out towards Crownsville. My neighborhood has an under-utilized .25-.5 acre garden plot which I visualize becoming like a CSA for neighborhood residents. What say ye?

    Patrick B.

  2. Grow Annapolis says:

    Sounds like a great endeavor. We would love to hear more about the project!

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