We would like to thank the Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence Co. for their generous donation. On July 30th they will be erecting a cedar picket fence at the location of our City Dock Community Garden Pilot. If you happen to be around and see them downtown, please be sure to thank them for supporting their local community. We are so thankful for their service, and so excited about having a fence!

If you are considering installing a fence, deck, pergolas, pagodas or gazebos, please consider looking at the Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence Co. as an option. Stopping by the City Dock Community Garden is a great opportunity to see their work.

One more note, if you are a member of the Grow Annapolis Gardnerships Program, please try to make it to the garden before 8 am or later in the evening, to water your plots, as there will be a lot of commotion around the garden during the day.

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