Paul Jantzen- Chairperson

Cathy Umphrey

Cathy Umphrey lives in Annapolis, works as a garden designer and was Director of Horticulture at Historic London Town and Gardens, in Edgewater, MD, for seven years. While plants have always held an unfathomable appeal for her, it is the recognition of the basic need for wholesome food, and the benefits of growing that food oneself, which has become the focus of volunteer work in recent years. She has acted as the Site Coordinator for the City Dock Garden since 2011.

Beth Santin

A lifelong love of gardening started as a teen helping her dad with the family vegetable garden and became a life-changing event with her first garden as an adult. Volunteer work at a local CSA fueled the love of creating local and organic food with other like-minded people. Five hens have become part of her suburban ‘homestead’ and bee-keeping is next.

Dalyn Huntley

Dalyn joined Grow Annapolis to help make organic and sustainable choices accessible for those in urban settings who often must choose cheap over healthy and green.  A graduate of Douglass College-Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Dalyn has a background in insurance and finance. Currently a stay at home parent, she lives in Cape St. Claire with her husband and three sons.

Evie Robbins

 Mike Stewart

 Emily French

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