Our Story

Grow Annapolis started when an eclectic group of individuals who all shared a belief that there was something inherently good about accessibility to healthy food, the development of urban agriculture and connecting with our neighbors.

March of 2010 we started meeting weekly down near the City Dock and openly discussing what community gardens could look like in our city. In June we became incorporated and by July 2010 we broke ground on our first project.

Currently Annapolis’ only community garden, the general public can now adopt plots to grow organic vegetables. The City Dock Community Garden, located at the former Recreation and Parks Building on the corner of Compromise Street and Newman Street in Downtown Annapolis.

The City Dock Community Garden has been a beautiful and eye-opening experience for those involved and is a great example of what is possible when people come together in an effort to improve or enhance a community. The City Dock Community Garden was made possible by many generous in-kind donations, volunteer work parties, support from city officials and other community organizations who were excited to get there hands dirty while cultivating community and growing healthy food.

To date the City Dock Community Garden has over 20 individuals who are participating in the program. There is also a gleaning area on the outside edge of the garden along Compromise Street, which was created as a space where passersby were invited to experience the garden’s seasonal bounty.

As we head into the winter season, Grow Annapolis is working on several new and exciting community garden and urban agriculture projects throughout the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. If you are interested in getting involved or adopting a plot, please contact us and let us know of your interests.

Yours in healthy living,

The Grow Annapolis Team

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