Our vision is of a community where people of all ages and backgrounds come together in the simple shared experience of growing food.


Grow Annapolis is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and sustaining community gardens and urban agriculture programs. Creating partnerships between community, government, schools and local businesses, we harvest more than food by empowering people from diverse backgrounds to GROW Annapolis together.


We value healthy lifestyles

Therefore, we promote gardening as healthy outdoor recreation for all ages. We encourage families to involve their children, by offering special programs for our junior gardener. We provide support for community members with special needs, so they too can experience the joys of community gardening.

We value our connection to the land

Therefore, we use innovative organic gardening practices that enrich the soil, and our food, while protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. We educate our gardeners so they can share these practices with their families, friends, and neighbors. We conserve open space and wildlife habitat for the benefit of future generations.

We value access to healthy affordable food

Therefore, we have discounted plots and work share agreements so anyone can participate regardless of their financial circumstances. We offer harvest shares to local food pantries and shelters so those who cannot participate may still benefit from the community’s garden.

We value personal relationships within our community

Therefore, we promote gardening as a community experience – building relationships between families, friends and neighbors. We encourage cooperation and intergenerational dialogue between people of different viewpoints and backgrounds. We know these bonds will strengthen the community and make it a better place to work and live.

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