As many of you know, the city of Annapolis has sold the old Recreation and Parks

property where Grow Annapolis created and maintained our first community

garden, called the “City Dock Garden.”  Since the site was purchased by a

developer to build luxury condominiums, the future of the garden is bleak indeed

and applications can no longer be accepted for City Dock. Although this decision

was a huge blow to all of us at Grow Annapolis, the good news is that Annapolis

City Manager, Thomas Andrews, agreed to help us find a replacement site.

Of all the sites proposed, the one that popped out as having the most potential is

the lot adjacent to the Eastport Fire Station. This 35 by 120 ft. tract of land is

partially shaded by tall trees but more than half open to full sun. Fire Chief David

Stokes and Station Captain Janet Wiseman have both welcomed our interest in

using the property for gardens. A soil test for lead came back negative and so we

are now in the planning stages for the new community garden!

It is our hope that the new Eastport Fire Station community gardens will be up

and running by late spring of this year. We hope to host a work party to build the

raised beds sometime in late April. You may fill out an application for the site and

be in line to get a plot once it is ready.  If you are interested in helping to make

these goals a reality, please contact board members Anne Van Allen, Cathy

Umphrey or Dalyn Huntley. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that this

location will soon be our new downtown home!


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